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Question: Do I need to run all of the generators?

Markdown Asks Peeja

Do I need to run all of the generators when I use edge Hobo?

$ ruby script/generate hobo --add-routes
$ ruby script/generate hobo_rapid --import-tags
$ ruby script/generate hobo_user_model user
$ ruby script/generate hobo_user_controller user
$ ruby script/generate hobo_front_controller front --delete-index --add-routes

Does Hobo require all of these to function? Or can I leave some out if they don’t make sense in my app?


  • Yes you can leave out any of them except hobo. Although if you miss out hobo_rapid you will lose a lot of hobo’s functionality.

    Hmmm. Your question makes me realise that there’s quite an overlap between these questions/answers and the google group. Will be interesting to see how that works out.

  • How about changing the label from "Questions" to something like "Receipe Requests" or just "Requests.

    Then put a tab for Questions that links to the Google group...
  • Actually, I think this will prove to be more useful than the Google group... it's very nicely done!