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Rapid Forms

Rapid Forms provides various tags that make it quick and easy to produce working new or edit forms.


The main tags are:

  • <form>, which acts like the dumb HTML tag if you provide the action attribute, and picks up various Rapid smarts otherwise.

  • <input>, which automatically choses an appropriate form control based on the type of the date.

Ajax Attributes

Several of the tags in this taglib support the following set of ajax attributes:

  • update: one or more DOM ID’s (comma separated string or an array) to be updated as part of the ajax call. Default - no update.

    NOTE: yes that’s DOM ID’s not part-names. A common source of confusion because by default the part name and DOM ID are the same.

  • params: a hash of name/value pairs that will be converted to HTTP parameters in the ajax request

  • confirm: a message to be displayed in a JavaScript confirm dialog. By default there is no confirm dialog

  • message: a message to be displayed in the Ajax progress spinner. Default: “Saving…”

  • spinner-next-to: DOM ID of an element to position the ajax progress spinner next to.

Ajax Callbacks

The following attributes are also supported by all the ajax tags. Set them to fragments of javascript to have that script executed at various points in the ajax request cycle:

  • before: script to run before the request

  • success: script to run on successful completion of the request

  • failure: script to run on a request failure

  • complete: script to run on completion, regardless of success or failure.